Performance Stars

These are the Shelties that we have either worked with, or are presently working with, that excel in performance sports. Some are included in our breeding program and some are in other homes training and competing in all sorts of venues.

Agility is one of the things that a Herdabout Sheltie can excel in. We selectively breed our dogs to produce not only a dog that is structurally and mentally sound, but is a quick learner and has the personality and temperament suited to compete at the highest levels of competition.


8 week old "Panther" (Herdabout On The Prowl) arrives at her new home in BC completely unbothered by the 2 hour car ride to the airport, the 3 hour pre boarding wait, and the 4 hour flight.

At Herdabout Shelties we go the extra mile to make sure we have the proper match of puppy to owner/handler. Using our puppy desensitivity training program we work to the best of our ability to ensure a stable, well focused puppy by exposing the puppies to the sights, sounds and textures they will encounter as adult performance dogs.

Please check out this youtube video to see what we are talking about and watch some of our shelties in action :

Here is a sample of two of our young performance dogs in action competing at some of their first agility trials Blizzard (whom we sold to one of our students) and Scandal (with one of our teenage students). 

Both of these Herdabout Shelties have gone on to be very competitive dogs in the sport of agility.


Click on any one of the photos below to view each dog's page. You will find out more about their achievements, pedigree and health testing. More photos will also be on display!


** Not all pages set-up yet ... but they will be soon ... please check back! **




Herdabout The Great Houdini CGN RN

Herdabout Number One,CGN CD RN

Herdabout Iced Out In Silver RN






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Herdabout The Little Streaker

Herdabout Tri The Cruz Control ADC SGDC AGDC AADC MADC ExSt Bronz

Herdabout Tuff E Nuff, 1STB, 1PGB, ADC, SGDC, AADC, AGDC, MADC, MJDC, MSDC, EXJ Bronze





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  Photo & Page Link

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Herdabout Manifest Destiny CD CRNMCL





Herdabout The Speed Of White, 1STB, SGDC, ADC, AADC, AGDC, ADC, MADC, MJDC, MSDC, MGDC, ATChC, EXJ Bronze

Herdabout Little Miss Rockstar, HIC, 1PGB, 2PGB, SGDC, ADC, AGDC, MGDC, MSCDC, EXG Bronze

Ch Herdabout Brown Eyed Girl CGN RN





Herdabout The Whole Shebang CGN RN

Ch. Herdabout Small Town Girl RN PCD

Herdabout The Mighty Quinlan RN


Echo & Cloud

Scandal & Wager

Callum & Porsche

Herdabout Bouncing Back CGN, PCD, HIC

Herdabout A Silver Lining

Herdabout All Bets Are Off

Herdabout Miss Formula One





Herdabout Hurrikane A Brewing, ADC, AGDC, AADC, AAGDC

Herdabout Blue Bi U Wearin Lace, ADC SGDC

Herdabout Zoom Zoom Zoom RN CGN








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Photo & Page Link

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Photo & Page Link

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When we compete, we have FUN!  ..... See how happy I am!


Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada

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