Echo & Cloud



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Echo & Cloud

They have lovely home town scenery !




Herdabout Bouncing Back HIC, CGN, PCD, CD, 1 leg ADC - "Echo"


Sire :   Ch. Herdabout Hamming It Up RN, CGN

Dam :  Herdabout Zoom Zoom Zoom RN, CGN


Echo is a well-rounded dog and loves playing in dog performance events or sleeping on the couch.  As a young puppy, he took a strong interest in agility and is extremely active and enthusiastic at the local canine recreational club which performs at exhibitions and senior/special care facilities.


Currently, he competes in AAC sanctioned agility trials, and CKC obedience events with fantastic 1st and 2nd placements in all of his legs.  His fly ball and rally-obedience training will continue throughout 2012.  He is also an annual supporter of Purina's Walk for Dog Guides and other charity walks.  Echo is truly a dream come true.






Herdabout A Silver Lining HIC, CGN, PCD, SJA therapy dog - "Cloud"


Sire :  Ch. Herdabout Hamming It Up RN, CGN

Dam :  Herdabout Trouble A Brewing RN, CGN


Cloud is extremely opinionated and full of spunk.  Although she is bossy, Cloud is patient, calm and attentive when working as a SJA Therapy Dog at a local seniors home.  Since she is so intelligent, Cloud learns most commands, tricks and obstacles by observational learning.


She is a very versatile sheltie and is passionate about training in any dog performance event.  Currently, she trials in CKC obedience and will continue training in agility, flyball, herding and rally-obedience.  In her spare time, she enjoys fetch, solving food puzzles and managing her big brother, Echo.
















Herding Photos thanks to Photographer Lisa Dahr








Herding Photos thanks to Photographer Lisa Dahr







705 - 429 - 0833

Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada

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