Our Hopefuls


With observation and thorough testing Jeff & Kellie make sure the best of the best are placed in Herdabout Shelties' breeding program.


Sometimes we have to "grow out" a good looking show or breeding prospect to make sure that they have all the right stuff and in the right place....these are our hopefuls.


Please click on the photo to view their personal page. 


You will find out more about their achievements, pedigree and health testing.


A group of hopeful "teenagers" hanging out at Herdabout Shelties


Herdabout Can't Touch This
 (aka Thistle)



We recommend you also view Our Boys,  Our Girls  and  Performance Stars  to find more about dogs bred and/or owned by Herdabout Shelties.





705 - 429 - 0833

Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada


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