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With indoor and outdoor training facilities in Elmvale Ontario, Herdabout K-9 Academy offers a wide variety of services year-round including:

  • Puppy Kindergarten
  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Rally-O
  • Behaviour Assessments
  • Temperament Testing
  • Group & Private Lessons
  • Daytime & Evening Classes

Kellie & Jeff Whiteside, both accomplished dog trainers and licensed CGN evaluators, utilize the facilities of the Elmvale Veterinary Hospital to teach their classes.

Herdabout K9 Academy is run exclusively by professional and accomplished trainers Jeff & Kellie Whiteside.  We are not associated with any other trainers, training facilities, or training systems. We do not endorse or support any other trainers, or training schools in our area. All classes and private lessons are taught solely by Jeff and Kellie Whiteside. We have no other staff and we have no representatives that speak for us on our behalf. We are available directly to answer any questions or concerns about dog training and our classes.  If you are not communicating directly with either Jeff or Kellie Whiteside, then you are not communicating with Herdabout K9 Academy.

We are an all breed facility! All dogs are welcome as long as they meet our Safety Rules. Please view our About Us page to find out more.  

Herdabout K-9 Academy is centrally located in Simcoe County / Southern Georgian Bay. Look for our address, map and contact information on Our Location page.

News & Announcements:  

COVID 19 PROTOCOL for Herdabout K9 Academy

Due to provincial health & government regulations our dog training for summer/fall/winter 2021 MUST adhere to the following:

  1. Dog training is considered a NON ESSENTIAL business, therefore anyone attending classes or private lessons MUST provide proof of being double vaccinated for Covid 19 BEFORE registering for a class or lessons.

  2. Small group classes and One on One private lessons are available at this time due to Covid 19 (subject to change due to provincial health mandates).

  3. People attending our indoor training must be 18 years of age or older. Children 12 years of age and over may attend outdoor classes but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18 years of age.  Children under 12 can participate in their dog's training at home under adult supervision.  Handouts with training instructions will be given after each lesson to ensure accuracy in training at home.

  4. Outdoors classes will be held in one of our securely fenced training yards. (Postponement of any lesson during the 6 week sessions may occur due to inclement weather but will be made up).  A mask MUST be brought with the student to be worn during entering and exiting the training yard, and during any close contact training exercises between instructor and student, or between student and student.  A distance of at least 6 feet MUST be kept between people at all times, especially if masks are removed during a training exercise while in your designated training zone.

  5. Indoor classes will require students to be MASKED at all times.  No exceptions will be tolerated.  A Mask means a 3 layed mask of either cloth or medical PPE.  No bandanas or face shields in lieu of a 3 layed mask.

  6. Students MUST bring their own water bowl and water for their dog.

  7. Washroom facilities are available on emergency basis only at this time, so please potty at home prior to heading to class.

  8. A hand sanitizer station will be provided, and must be used prior to touching common surfaces (gate latches, chairs, etc.).

  9. Clean, indoor shoes must be worn for indoor training.  Please bring a pair with you to change into to help keep our floors clean from debris.

  10.  We reserve the right to excuse anyone from training at any time.

Future group classes will be posted as allowed.   Check Schedule Page

Please be sure to read the Safety Rules, they are applicable for all private training sessions and all group classes. 

Private One-On-One Training Sessions is currently the only training available at this time.  All programs are offered in private sessions for Obedience, Agility and Rally Obedience. Please call to discuss your needs. 

Wanting to start your dog in Agility  All our programs are available in private one on one sessions.

Herdabout is offering special one on one Agility training for seniors & their dogs in our 6 session Fur-Ever Young program.

Is your dog pulling or has no recall factor? Three session one on one training is available for specific Obedience Issues  Our private 3 week 50 minute sessions cost $159.30 plus HST ($180.00)

Please be sure to read the Safety Rules for all training. Private One-On-One Training Sessions Obedience, Agility and Rally Obedience are available in 6 week 50 minute sessions and cost $283.19 plus HST ($320.00)


Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada

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