Safety Rules for All Classes

At Herdabout K-9 Academy we want to make sure all dogs that come to class are safe and that all humans in the class room will be safe too.

In order to do this, we need to make sure everybody understands and follows the safety rules and brings the required equipment to every class.

We also have to keep in mind the fact that some people have severe peanut allergies and some people are sensitive or allergic to strong perfumes.

Another safety rule to keep in mind when you are driving up to our facility, keep an eye out for dogs and children in the parking lot. Please drive in slowly!

No smoking allowed on the property.

Classes can begin after puppies
have received their second set of shots


COVID 19 PROTOCOL for Herdabout K9 Academy

Due to provincial health & government regulations our dog training for summer/fall/winter 2021 MUST adhere to the following:

  1. Dog training is considered a NON ESSENTIAL business, therefore anyone attending classes or private lessons MUST provide proof of being double vaccinated for Covid 19 BEFORE registering for a class or lessons.

  2. Small group classes and One on One private lessons are available at this time due to Covid 19 (subject to change due to provincial health mandates).

  3. People attending our indoor training must be 18 years of age or older. Children 12 years of age and over may attend outdoor classes but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18 years of age.  Children under 12 can participate in their dog's training at home under adult supervision.  Handouts with training instructions will be given after each lesson to ensure accuracy in training at home.

  4. Outdoors classes will be held in one of our securely fenced training yards. (Postponement of any lesson during the 6 week sessions may occur due to inclement weather but will be made up).  A mask MUST be brought with the student to be worn during entering and exiting the training yard, and during any close contact training exercises between instructor and student, or between student and student.  A distance of at least 6 feet MUST be kept between people at all times, especially if masks are removed during a training exercise while in your designated training zone.

  5. Indoor classes will require students to be MASKED at all times.  No exceptions will be tolerated.  A Mask means a 3 layed mask of either cloth or medical PPE.  No bandanas or face shields in lieu of a 3 layed mask.

  6. Students MUST bring their own water bowl and water for their dog.

  7. Washroom facilities are available on emergency basis only at this time, so please potty at home prior to heading to class.

  8. A hand sanitizer station will be provided, and must be used prior to touching common surfaces (gate latches, chairs, etc.).

  9. Clean, indoor shoes must be worn for indoor training.  Please bring a pair with you to change into to help keep our floors clean from debris.

  10.  We reserve the right to excuse anyone from training at any time.

# 1. Safety First   No Shots, No Class

Dogs must be up to date on DHPP, Kennel Cough, and Rabies vaccinations, as well as being clear of external parasites and communicable diseases to be eligible to attend a class. No dog showing evidence of eye, ear, or skin infections will be allowed in the class.

Puppies under six months of age must have had their second booster for DHPP. Rabies and Kennel Cough vaccination are not required until the dog has reached 4 months of age.

Titer tests will only be accepted in lieu of vaccinations in dogs over 2 years of age and must have been done within 6 months prior to attending any classes. A secondary waiver of liability will need to be completed for those who choose Titers in Lieu of regular vaccinations. The Titer must also be done on the complete DHPP (not just for Parvo) and will NOT be accepted for either Rabies or Kennel Cough. Dog owners choosing Titer Tests in Lieu of Vaccinations MUST bring a copy of the actual Titer results to leave with us for our records on ALL THREE of the following:

  • Parvovirus and Distemper combination Titer
  • Hepatitis and Adenovirus combination Titer
  • Parainfluenza Titer

It is the dog owner's responsibility to bring the proper requested paperwork to the first night of class, or be refused entry to classes. Instructors will NOT contact any student's veterinarian to confirm a dog's vaccination status, the student is liable to provide the information requested.

# 2. Safety First   No Aggressive Dogs Allowed in Group Classes

For the safety of everyone taking group classes, students will be expelled from classes if their dog exhibits aggression towards other people and/or dogs. Banned breeds, dogs that have been in quarantine for biting and females in season will not be allowed in group classes.

Banned breeds or dogs that have been in quarantine for biting will not be allowed in group classes but may be allowed to take private instruction at the discretion of the instructor.

# 3. Safety First   No unaccompanied minors in any lessons, the minimum age is 10 years old*

Any group class (other then the kids' Pawzabilities class) has a minimum age of 10 years old for children. The minimum age for the Pawzabilities Program is 8 years of age, and any children younger than the minimum posted ages will only be allowed in private lessons with their family attending. This is for the safety of the children attending the classes.

# 4. Safety First   No Dogs Eating a Raw Meat Diet Allowed in Classes

The primary concern we have relating to raw meat diets is the transmission of disease to people. In families with children, elderly or immune compromised members (cancer, chemotherapy, transplant or HIV patients for example) it is extremely risky to feed dogs uncooked meat or raw animal products (uncooked bones, etc.) and we at Herdabout K9 Academy do not want to put any of our students, instructors or assistants at risk by having dogs who are eating a raw meat or BARF diet attending our classes, and therefore exposing people to these health risks they would not normally encounter.

One published study (Canadian Veterinary Journal) demonstrated that 80% of raw food diets containing poultry were positive for salmonella and 30% of the dogs eating these diets were passing salmonella in their feces.

Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and Cryptosporidium are some examples of infections that could be transferred by dogs eating raw meat through various forms of cross contamination and make humans sick.

Safety is based on avoiding risk and prevention is a key factor in avoiding risk.

The instructor reserves the right to refuse and excuse anyone from lessons at any time.

Want to view a sample of our class? We have several videos which would give you a good idea of how our classes are run.  Clickable link to youtube videos (opens in new window)

What to Bring to Class  

FOOTWEAR: If your class is indoors, please bring a separate pair of indoor shoes for the class room. If your class is outdoors, please wear good fitting running shoes. No Clogs, Crocks, Flip Flops or strapless Sandals.

 A Leash & A Collar - No body harness, No head halters and No retractable leashes allowed.

  • Obedience classes can use flat buckle, martingale or a slip collar made of fabric, leather, or chain.
  • Agility classes must use either flat buckle or martingale collars. No choke chains or prong collars, will be permitted in Agility classes for safety reasons.

Proof of current vaccinations (paper proof not tags) Only signed vaccination passports, or veterinarian certificates will be accepted as proof of vaccinations. A three year vaccination for rabies will be accepted for dogs unless they are over 2 years of age when the vaccinatin was given. Sales receipts for vaccinations or Titers tests will NOT be accepted as proof of vaccinations. You must bring a photocopy of your dog's current vaccination certificate to leave with us when registering for a class. We will not make a photocopy. Students are required to provide us with the photocopy for our records.

  • Puppies 9 weeks to 12 weeks of age must have had their first booster for DHPP.
  • Puppies 3-5 months of age must have had their second booster for DHPP. Kennel Cough Vaccination is mandatory for puppies who are 4 months and older.
  • Dogs 6 months and older must be up to date of DHPP, Rabies, and Kennel Cough vaccinations.
  • Titer tests: Dog owners choosing Titer Tests in Lieu of Vaccinations MUST bring a copy of the actual Titer results to leave with us for our records on ALL THREE of the following:
    • Parvovirus and Distemper combination Titer
    • Hepatitis and Adenovirus combination Titer
    • Parainfluenza Titer   
Semi moist, quick to swallow, training treats. No crunchie cookies. No kibbles. No Freeze Dried Meats. Nothing with peanuts in it please.

We suggest salami style Rollover Wild Pacific Salmon or Natural Balance Lamb Formula.

 Cut the "sausage" into 1/2 inch slices before you arrive to class. Good to have about 6-8 slices for each class.

 Poop Bags ... you might want to bring more than one just in case!

 Water Bowl - no community water bowl will be provided. If you think your dog is going to need a drink during the class please bring water and a bowl for your dog.

 A fanny pack is optional for storing and having quick access to your training treats. And don't forget to bring the dog! (Unless we ask you to leave them home on a first lesson)

If you have read and agree with all rules, then please check the Schedule to find out when our next group of classes start at  Herdabout K-9 Academy.


Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada

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